Calliope’s Gears


Calliope (kuh-LYE-o-pee) is the Greek muse of heroic poetry, which includes story-telling, such as Homer’s epics. It’s also the name of a steam-powered organ, such as you might have heard at a circus decades ago. Finally, it’s the name of a rocket weapon – tubes for rockets mounted on a Sherman tank.
Gears? When steam is impractical, use springs and gears for power!
So I see Calliope’s gears as a steam-powered heroic story-telling machine, with Lindsay Petersen’s Kate Thomason exploring the time of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells and the Orient Express.
Lindsay Peet’s Jaf Daskal works his schemes in a different universe, which may have some magic about to burst forth. Both are trying to get by, to get better, and to get satisfaction.


Best Selling by LINDSAY PEET


Small and clever, orphan Jaf Daskal is everybody’s friend, but nobody’s mate. Suddenly love walks into his life at the same time he finds a low-level job with a local syndicate.  His future is golden, but his family is falling apart.

When his new family – the syndicate – gets involved in politics they send Jaf out to shape the vote as they need. While out there he finds too many opportunities for mischief, and he steps over the line one-too-many times with the wrong people.

Suddenly he finds himself in a desperate race to save the one person he knows he can count on from the lesson he’s meant to learn.

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He grew up in Los Angeles’ wildest and smoggiest days, running wild on suburban streets in the day and devouring s-f during long hot nights (no a/c yet). He skipped university and threw himself into life, gathering up experiences for misguided drug-addled efforts at becoming America’s hot new author.
Wary of that path he retreated from drugs, literature, and the derangement of the senses, opting instead to take over his family’s plumbing business He probably imagined he was treading the same path Rimbaud had over a century earlier.
After selling the business in 2008 he found himself unable to find employment in a collapsed construction industry. What to do? Now far too old to be a hot new author he aimed for genre fiction about Jaf Daskal, a character in his head for decades. How long? His name can be typed on the home row of a keyboard, which on a typewriter can be a big deal.
Having finally achieved the esteemed writer’s gravitas and hair, he and his wife moved to eastern Tennessee, near the International Story-Telling Center.

Home, at last.
Lindsay Peet, 2022



Twenty-first century healer Kate Thomason is snatched from an eight-handed massage and thrust into H G Wells’ bedroom in 1897. Surrounded by fantastic devices and amazing attitudes she has to find her way in a Victorian London so foreign that she might as well be on a different planet.

When Wells, Oscar Wilde, Frank Harris and their companions decide to take the Nautilus in search of the Loch Ness Monster Kate comes along, determined to learn about her new world and to show the backwards men that women aren’t necessarily frail flowers. When the expedition faces sabotage and a strange secretive menace, the whole expedition founders in Scotland and suddenly they all discover a society obsessed with sex and revenge.

Even though she’s from two centuries in the future, she quickly learns that what men want most from a woman never changes much at all. Dancing her way through the morals and mores of late Victorian culture, she eventually finds her own place. Along the way she learns that you often find love where you least expect it, with the person you’re least attracted to.

Her adventures, tragedies and triumphs will amuse and excite you, and even provide some food for thought.

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The Fascinating World of Lindsay Petersen

A native of Leeds, Alabama, Lindsay grew up feeling she had been born in the wrong century, decades later than she ought to have been – and perhaps even in the wrong Leeds.
She has experienced life all over the globe, but most enjoyed Paris where she studied and improved the French passions of l’amour and gourmanderie, devising avant-garde combinations of the two.
She also has fond memories of her days as a graduate student in Delhi, where she won a coveted first in her studies of the Kama Sutra after ‘wowing’ the judges with her lab work.
Having conquered those worlds she focused her considerable energies on motorcars, gourmanderie, oenology, and expressing the muses of song, dance, and of course – Calliope, the Muse of epic poetry and mother of Orpheus.
Of her paintings it’s been said they’re worth a million words, and those who dive into her prose value her words more than a million pictures.
As a sideline she extensively investigated emollients, working to determine just how soft her skin could be (“Wonderfully so!” exclaims her husband) in her monograph, ‘Fifty Grades of Shea.’
So finely attuned are her senses of taste and smell that, when spectroscopes are in need of calibration, Lindsay is called in for fine-tuning. Some have proposed that they be calibrated in ‘petersens’ in her honor.
She lives and travels with her husband, who calls himself ‘the luckiest man in the world.’ Lindsay Petersen agrees with him.
Elsewhere on this site you may read about Lindsay’s great-great-grandmother, who urged Coco Chanel to give it one more try after ‘Chanel Number Four.’
That remarkable woman was the inspiration for Lindsay to bring Kate Thomason back to life for you, in the fascinating imaginary world of Lindsay Petersen.


Bogdan Maksimovic

Our Illustrator, Bogdan Maksimovic

Bogdan is a professional illustrator, designer, and exhibiting artist from Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated with a BA degree in Illustration at the Utrecht University of Arts, The Netherlands in 2004 and has been working professionally since.
In 2015 he decided to specialize in book cover design and illustration and since then has made hundreds of covers in dozens of genres.
So far he’s had five solo exhibitions and participated in dozens of group shows in his country and abroad, winning many awards.



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